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Allow me to thank you for stopping by and commend you on taking the initial steps towards having the life you want and deserve. Although sometimes challenging, therapy offers an environment where every single part of you is welcome.

Your life is a story of transitions. Sometimes we move through without a glitch, and other times we hit bumps in the road.  Although we cannot predict what is coming, we can find hope in knowing that we get up every day equipped to take on those challenges. Therapeutic support can help you get there.


Would you like to live confidently as your true self and have healthier, more authentic relationships?  Are you ready to decrease anxiety, worry, self-doubt and depression while increasing your quality of life?  Maybe you need help learning how to balance those day-to-day stressors without allowing life to overwhelm you.

Here at BLISS Counseling and Consulting the goal is to meet you where you are, educate and provide guidance in an environment that promotes learning to

Balance Life In A Safe Space. 

Get into Therapy!

Experiencing unexpected mood swings?

Undergoing a big change?

Having harmful thoughts?

Withdrawing from things that used to bring you joy?

Feeling isolated or alone?

Using a substance to cope with issues in your life?

Suspect you might have a serious mental health condition?

Feel like you’ve lost control?

Relationships feel strained?

Sleeping patterns are off?

Just feel like you need to talk to someone?

" The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction, not a destination. "


-Carl Rogers