Dry Reeds

Individual Counseling

We need to take care of ourselves, love ourselves, and nurture ourselves.

Keep in mind that putting yourself first sometimes involves doing things that are difficult but benefit you in the long run. Getting and keeping you balanced should be your priority. You cannot pour from an empty cup. Change starts with you!

Couple's Counseling

Relationships can be full of interpersonal conflicts and sometimes require an external perspective to help resolve those issues. Through couple’s counseling I can help you and your significant other gain insight of your relationship, improve communication and figure out what is best for you.



Through coaching, I am not in the role of a therapist. Instead, I work side by side with you as you intentionally design your life. Through weekly, biweekly, or monthly contact and customized exercises, we redesign areas of your life through habit change and decision making. My goal is to be that guide on the side motivating you while helping you decide what next steps fit your life. Let me help you live the life you desire.


is an effective accessible form of psychotherapy. It allows you to obtain education, support and coping skills from the coziness of your own home. Using a computer or smart device you can log into a HIPPA compliant platform to address your needs. The goal is to provide you with comfort and flexibility no matter where you are.